Soul Fit Kids Run
4 Mar 2018


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
1273Esme Percy16:50All Ages1Mixed1
2258Alex Gallagher16:51All Ages2Mixed2
3261Jaiden Nethercott17:14All Ages3Mixed3
4276Zane 18:43All Ages4Mixed4
5266Timothy Maher19:13All Ages5Mixed5
6263Isla Waterhouse19:16All Ages6Mixed6
7257Jake Marsh19:26All Ages7Mixed7
8278Dashiel Bark19:41All Ages8Mixed8
9274Thomas Jones20:00All Ages9Mixed9
10268Cameron Benge20:03All Ages10Mixed10
11259Zachary Kembrey21:03All Ages11Mixed11
12256Jai Marsh21:49All Ages12Mixed12
13260Isaac Boyle21:52All Ages13Mixed13
14252Troy Ritchie22:36All Ages14Mixed14
15262Flynn Waterhouse22:37All Ages15Mixed15
16271Harry Hall23:43All Ages16Mixed16
17264Aidan Vardy24:28All Ages17Mixed17
18265Owen Vardy24:54All Ages18Mixed18
19267Ryder Bighetti25:11All Ages19Mixed19
20255Layla Sheldon36:36All Ages20Mixed20
Page 1 of 1 (20 items)