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21 Oct 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1423Archie Reid16:39Secondary1Male1 Echuca College3:19 min/km
2353Darcy Nelson18:36Secondary2Male2 Moama Anglican Grammar3:43 min/km
3288Eli Spiers19:28Secondary3Male3 St Josephs College Echuca3:53 min/km
4474Dylan Jardine20:00Secondary4Male4  4:00 min/km
5469Callum Mcphee20:13Open1Male5  4:02 min/km
6494Jeremy Davidson20:27Teams1Male6Three men and a baby 4:05 min/km
7256Eilidh Grigg20:47Masters1Female1  4:09 min/km
8366Orin Biasel20:58Primary1Male7 St Josephs College Echuca4:11 min/km
9425Tom Watson20:59Secondary5Male8 St Josephs College Echuca4:11 min/km
10446Emily Cooper21:07Masters2Female2  4:13 min/km
11285Jye Berryman21:10Primary2Male9 Echuca Primary School4:14 min/km
12362Darcy Cullen21:15Primary3Male10 St Marys Echuca4:15 min/km
13428Angus Watson21:42Primary4Male11 Echuca Primary School4:20 min/km
14392Ruby Morley21:48Primary1Female3 Echuca Primary School4:21 min/km
15346Cindy Kerr21:48Open1Female4  4:21 min/km
16356Simon Smith21:56Masters1Male12  4:23 min/km
17476Mark Cameron21:59Masters2Male13  4:23 min/km
18345Bailey Kerr22:18Primary5Male14  4:27 min/km
19467Shaylee Anderson22:19Secondary1Female5 St Josephs College Echuca4:27 min/km
20266Elijah Kettle22:19Open2Male15  4:27 min/km
21267Tyson Wayland22:20Open3Male16  4:28 min/km
22456Matt Healey22:22Masters3Male17  4:28 min/km
23451Carlos Varapodio22:36Secondary6Male18 St Josephs College Echuca4:31 min/km
24427Isaac Watson22:46Primary6Male19 St Josephs College Echuca4:33 min/km
25275Harry Barlow22:53Primary7Male20 Bunnaloo 4:34 min/km
26292Shane Scragg22:57Secondary7Male21 St Josephs College Echuca4:35 min/km
27435Simon Tomasini22:57Masters4Male22  4:35 min/km
28420Max Carroll22:58Primary8Male23  4:35 min/km
29330Debby Kirne23:01Masters3Female6  4:36 min/km
30343Laura Remyn23:03Open2Female7  4:36 min/km
31342Paul Remyn23:10Masters5Male24  4:38 min/km
32400Bowden Stone23:18Primary9Male25 Lockington Consolidated School4:39 min/km
33457James Brentnall23:18Primary10Male26 Lockington Consolidated School4:39 min/km
34393Steven Morley23:35Masters6Male27  4:43 min/km
35253Slater Sinclair23:38Primary11Male28 Kyabram College4:43 min/km
36432Liam Stirling23:41Primary12Male29 St Marys Echuca4:44 min/km
37289Craig Spiers23:52Masters7Male30  4:46 min/km
38377Ollie Tomkins23:53Primary13Male31 Echuca Primary School4:46 min/km
39360Jye Field23:53Primary14Male32 Echuca Primary School4:46 min/km
40338Mitchell Sutton24:08Primary15Male33 Echuca Primary School4:49 min/km
41398Jacob Haines24:11Primary16Male34 Lockington Consolidated School4:50 min/km
42399Finn Palmer24:15Primary17Male35 Lockington Consolidated School4:51 min/km
43373Ben Gundry24:17Open4Male36  4:51 min/km
44326Jackie Welch24:24Masters4Female8  4:52 min/km
45385Rudy Webb24:29Secondary8Male37 Moama Anglican Grammar4:53 min/km
46369Milly Hoghton24:30Primary2Female9  4:54 min/km
47483Lachie Shearer24:30Primary18Male38 Echuca Public4:54 min/km
48487Liam Sinclair24:39Open5Male39  4:55 min/km
49325Leo Welch24:43Veteran1Male40  4:56 min/km
50433Nicole Bensch24:46Masters5Female10  4:57 min/km
Page 1 of 5 (244 items)

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